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Discover How to Generate Revenue & Donations on Social Media!


(and the biggest mistakes that can totally tank your social campaign!)


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Hosted by Christina Edwards

Social Impact Strategist

Founder of Splendid Consulting

In this free training you'll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes nonprofits & social impact entrepreneurs make on social media... and how to avoid them before your next campaign!

  • Where your most impactful (and profitable) donors and supporters are hiding out on social media!  

  • The secret weapon to standing out in a crowded online space (THIS is a game-changer!)

👋 Hey Changemakers!


Are you stuck trying to attract supporters and donors on social media? 


You're content is feeling completely UNDERWHELMING and you're not sure what to try next.


And before you know it, you've got this CRAZY IMPOSSIBLE FUNDRAISING GOAL that your Executive Director says, "MUST HAPPEN!"


I've seen this time and time again... 


You're treading water. 💦 Burned out. 😩 Stressed out.😵


That's why I've created THIS on-demand webinar for change makers like YOU! 


Give me one hour... and I'll show you a simple (yes, really) roadmap to blow that goal out-of-the water!


This training is perfect for:

Founders & Executive Directors

If you're leading an organization, now is the time to fully understand and empower your team to fundraise and engage supporters online.

Development & Fundraisers

If  you're in Development, you're ready to figure how to convert followers into donors on social media, and finally make those online giving days easy!

Marketers & Comms Roles

This training is for YOU! If your audience has grown stale or you're ready to engage partners, social media influencers, and more, you'll learn the roadmap to do it with ease!

Hi, I'm Christina Edwards

Social Media Expert.

Fundraising Strategist.

Nonprofit Vision Builder.

Communications Pro.


With over a decade of experience in the sector, I’ve worked with every type of nonprofit, from multi-million dollar organizations to small-but-mighty volunteer-led teams. Today, I teach nonprofits how to make achieving their mission, vision, and fundraising goals more possible than they’ve ever imagined.


It's time to create online events and promote fundraisers that your community actually is excited to share and attend!


Skip the cycle of fundraising feast-or-famine and finally learn how to wildly increase your organization's visibility and become an extraordinary online communicator! 



Here's what past webinar attendees have had to say:

Trusted by over 1600 nonprofits  

I've welcomed over 1600 orgs to my online courses and workshops!

Get off the social struggle-bus!


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